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Presented by Dr. Milton Dowty

(Sat. 8:30-12:30, 1:30-5:30) (Sun. 8:30-12:30)

Basic Skills Module 1

This module is to introduce essential elements that reveal the body’s responses to test queries… Muscle response testing and Bio Emissions testing.
Principles and technology of Muscle Reactivation have been extracted from Applied Kinesiology, and Bio Computer language from Clinical Kinesiology, and Bio Feedback Emissions testing from Kinesthesia.

Module 2

This module is to introduce how to determine the tissue in distress with the proprietary S.C.O.P.E. Filing System how to integrate with the Location Filing System and the Processing System that reveals Where, what, How, and When to treat.

Module 3

This module will introduce the first of the three Entry Systems. The FORMAT ENTRY Flow Chart of the processing system is the doctor’s choice for investigation and examinations. You will learn how to Format a examination of physiological significance. The processing of Chief Complaints and the Master Point’s Priority for the body will be presented in the next module.

Module 4

This module will introduce the Flow Chart of CHIEF COMPLAINT ENTRY for symptom control, and the Flow Chart of the MASTER POINT ENTRY, to determine the body’s ultimate Priority..;[;ppp