Basic Skills Workshop – October 24th

CPK Association presents BASIC SKILLS WORKSHOP Date:    October 24th 2015  SATURDAY Time:   8:00 AM-12:00,  2:00 pm-5:00 pm Location:    6299 Nall Ave, Suite 300 (Walz Tetrick Advertising Suite) Mission, Kansas 66202 Instructors: Dr. Jaban Moore, Dr. Nate Thomas   Bio-Systems Integration Workshop Outline WORKSHOP CLASS ONE A. BASIC SKILLS Essential Tools a. Muscle Testing to

CPK Association 2015 Conference Announcement

SAVE THESE DATES Saturday, August 15 - 8AM to 5PM Sunday, August 16 - 8AM to 12PM We know you want to be the BEST doctor of your community. Let us help you to achieve that goal with the greatest myology practice of our profession. Bio System Integration Updates by Dr. Milton Dowty JOIN US

Welcome to WKG Wellness

The WKG Wellness principle Proclaims the nerve system, as the master communication system of the body, can become impaired so that the brain or body parts are no longer communicating essential information for the maintenance of health. The removal of the impairment factor can greatly enhance the functional integrity of the body and restore health