CPK Brochures

These colorful brochures promote your style of practice explaining the S.C.O.P.E. tissue filing system that enables you to focus upon the exact cause of their pain. This material adds credibility to your functional medicine approach assisting the healing process.  Use every opportunity to promote referrals from within your existing patient base and you will grow to your maximum schedule potential.


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Digital CPK HAND MODES 2020

Presumed to be the ultimate resource of the CPK Handmode system

This is a must have table side reference with all of the authentic handmodes researched and developed by Dr. Milton Dowty.

Color photos, precise descriptions, purpose & procedure.

130 modes of tissue, conditions, locations, processing

Immediate Digital Download and View

Includes Digital Flashcards for Rapid Learning!


Osteological Chart

An essential tool for your patient Report of Findings. This discontinued coveted chart is now available in limited numbers. Have this paper replica mounted and framed under glass for the perfect presentation of  your patient’s conditions. Price includes S&H.

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