CPK Brochures

These colorful brochures promote your style of practice explaining the S.C.O.P.E. tissue filing system that enables you to focus upon the exact cause of their pain. This material adds credibility to your functional medicine approach assisting the healing process.  Use every opportunity to promote referrals from within your existing patient base and you will grow to your maximum schedule potential.


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Muscle Action Demonstrator

Make it easy for your patients to understand how muscles can only pull and never push… and how a weak inhibited muscle allows the apposing muscles to dominate the joint tension causing the “subluxation displacement”. Further educate them about the futility of adjusting joints without reactivation of the weak inhibited muscle to retain the corrected joint alignment.  Show them how a weak muscle on the left may cause tension and nerve compression pain on the right. Then explain that muscles have many regulators for their actions requiring you to examine the SCOPE system for the cause of weak or recurrent muscle failure to
completely resolve their problem.

Each custom made wooden base has four rubber bands and a vertebra shaped plastic unit to demonstrate the structural displacement concept… $45 with shipping.


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Lyme Discovery and Treatment by Allen Lindsley DC

Having the knowledge and workable tools to evaluate and successfully treat LYME disease will be a huge benefit to your practice.

This professionally prepared Two Disc DVD presentation provides a wealth of information as to how to test and how to treat LYME disease using Dr. Lindsley’s proprietary herbal formulations of that eradicate several forms of LYME.

Learn how LYME can mimic so many other disease symptoms
and is seldom discovered because of inadequate laboratory testing,
but your can do it by following Dr. Lindsley’s video instructions…$90 with shipping


Buy Now – $90