C.P.K. Association U.S.A., Inc.

The association was formed in the year 2001 after two years of effort to clarify the organizational structure and development by a devoted fraternity of Doctors of Chiropractic kinesiologists practicing the art of Chiro Plus Kinesiology.

The organization is designed to promote the mission of propagating the integrative technology of CPK and to help as many of humanity to find the sometimes elusive physical and mental condition known as health and well being.

CPK is not a new technology, but an integration of time proven technology. CPK was developed during the early nineteen eighties as a means of developing a practical diagnostic system for complicated clinical procedures.

Formal training of this procedure was begun in nineteen eighty-seven, and several hundred doctors have completed the training as an adjunct to their clinical skills.

The association provides a means of communication for CPK doctors.in their continued research for the resolution of human dysfunction and dis-ease.