“I love the elegance and the logic of CPK processing. It is years (maybe decades) ahead of its time…and to be able to do it hands only is brilliant. I’ve loved it since my first introduction back in chiropractic college. I went to chiro college because of AK. I went to several AK seminars but never finished my 100 hours. I ended up going more functional medicine and …Thanks for all you’ve done to research, teach and promote it. You are a blessing.”

Continue to promote this phenomenal system to KNOW what where how and when to treat… ANYTHING!

Dr. Cobb

I just want to say, thanks for refining Dr. Alan Beardall’s work and making it accessible for those that are looking for a system that reveals the What, When, Where and How.

Ever since I started school, I ended up with more questions than answers. In my search to figure how to determine the sequence in which the body wants to heal, I came across CPK and have been thanking my lucky stars ever since!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I am so grateful to be able to watch and re-watch the videos and be in this facebook group where I can interact with you and the other CPK docs.


Probably the most simplistic explanation of Bio Systems Integration is the focus on finding and reactivating defective muscles so that the joints will move properly and not wear out. With this concept in mind we correct and resolve hundreds of spinal disc herniations each month without popping any joints, no stressful therapy, and no stretching and bending the body to force movement into the joint. The concept is simple and effective to a significant degree of relief each session until the system requires no support. Basically most situations we see mandates that we fix the problem or you will see a surgeon, and we try our very best to keep you away from the knife.
I have depended on this system for my own health for 30+ years, no medications, no abnormal blood test, no surgeries, almost never have I had a day of sickness. You can expect great results.

Dr. Dowty

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE that Doc is light years ahead! I have judged every chiropractor in 4 states where I’ve lived by his standards for 4 decades; none can compare and fall way short, only mildly satisfactory.

Doc is BLESSED to be one of the few men who’ve lived on earth that can be assured and at Peace that he has “made the mark” and fulfilled the Plan GOD had for his life, serving GOD through his service to heal people through revelation of technics that have saved so many lives and advanced the true healing of mankind.
He will be revered the genius he is in GREATLY advancing the healing arts and his techniques will be taught in all the Universities and Colleges of Osteopathic, Chiropractic, ETC.

We met Doc around 1976-7 in Spring, Tx. I had been told by a doctor that my gall bladder needed to be removed. I was in a lot of pain. Doc explained some things about energy flow, etc, did some mild-touch “adjustments” of acupressure points and I WAS PERMANENTLY HEALED to this day, not another peep out of that organ, lol!!!

I have been a faithful believer in him, where he gets his Revelations to HEAL and, if possible, would NEVER have gone to anyone else!
I absolutely would go to Doc BEFORE any medical doctors, as he is proficient to diagnose, then advise which doctor is needed, if it’s gone on beyond his help.

He’s THE BEST in Sports Medicine, too; and teaches those techniques to other docs to keep athletes strong, healthy and at top performance.

I am a layperson so I know I’m not as articulate as needed to describe all accredited to him, what he is doing to revolutionize healing and how AWESOME Doc truly is!
If you or a loved one is ill or hurting, I wholeheartedly recommend traveling to see him.

If you are a Doctor of Orthopedics, an Osteopath, a Chiropractor or in the healing arts in some other capacity, you owe it to your patients to contact Doc to learn more about his techniques.