I first saw Dr. Dowty for my back. I had several different professions, each of which required heavy lifting and physical extensions of my back. I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had been referred to a surgeon who wanted to do back surgery immediately. However he gave me a 50% prognosis of not having pain or further problems and possibly more than one surgery. I was beginning to lose the feeling in my left leg and having trouble with my left foot dragging a bit.

A friend referred me to Dr. Dowty. After 3 visits in one week my wife and I had to leave to set up an estate sale for her Aunt. I was not only able to help with the moving of furniture and boxes for two days but I was able to sleep on a foreign bed without pain. I was so amazed! Twenty-plus years later and no surgery or pain killers I am pretty much pain free. I see Dr. Dowty on a maintenance basis and am able to live a pretty normal life. I can’t imagine having to give up this type of treatment.


I just wanted to let you know how much I have been helped by your clinic in solving the numbness problem I have been having in my right arm. I have gone to several Medical Doctors who wanted to do surgery on my arm, but none of them could really ever explain why they wanted to do it although, there was plenty of explanation about the cost and numerous questions about who was paying for it.

Although your techniques are foreign to some, your progressive medical procedures have helped me immensely. I also appreciate you taking the time to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Patients may not always totally understand what you are doing, but at least you take the time to explain it. What you do really makes sense to me. You attempt to treat the main problem, not just the symptom. In my opinion, performing on the nerves in my arm so I did not feel anything at all did not sound like a cure to me! I never believed that was the problem and I am sure you didn’t either.

Please keep up the good work and continue challenging the medical community as a whole. If it were not for doctors like you, we would not be advance in technology. I want you to know I will keep urging my legislative delegates to support natural medicine and would be glad to do anything to help support the natural healing cause.


I have been a long time patient of Dr. Dowty’s and have seen him for a number of different health problems. Dr. Dowty considers my whole body and gets to the root of the problem instead of using a band-aid approach which in the long run enhances the problem. I am in the medical field and I see this approach of localized focused care practice. Many doctors just prescribe drugs for the pain and then the patients end up addicted and still in pain

In May of this year I started having night sweats so bad that I had to replace a couple of mattress pads. My medical doctor thought it was related to menopause and thought it would pass. But I didn’t. I developed other symptoms that my medical doctor thought was still related to menopause. I went to Dr. Dowty complaining of the above conditions and in one visit he was able to offer me help. After that one appointment I did not have any more night sweats, hot flashes, or other menopause symptoms. My medical doctor was as elated as me. Because of Dr. Dowty’s kinesiology practice I can lead a normal life. (It was so embarrassing to working with my clients and all of a sudden have sweat pouring off of me so bad that I had to use a towel).

Dr. Dowty gives his “all” to his patients and we are all so grateful.


I am a health care professional and I believe everyone could benefit from this type of medical care! Since utilizing kinesiology techniques by Dr. Dowty 1 ½ years ago I feel much better physically. My chief complaint when I started was chronic neck spasms that were increasing in frequency and were very painful. I sought prior treatment at offices of a M.D., D.O., chiropractor, and massage therapist. Symptoms were only alleviated very short term, which hardly made it worthwhile. Dr. Dowty helped manage my spasms by fixing the source of the problem at the base of my spine, as well as other muscle focal offenders.

Not only did he help my neck spasms, but he also was able to make some kidney anatomy adjustments to cure my high blood pressure that I was afflicted with for about a year. Now I feel much better without the attending severe headaches, fatigue and dizziness.

BUT the most special improvement of all, I was able to become pregnant, which was in part due to his techniques of adjusting the abdominal-pelvic anatomy.

Dr. Dowty’s health care has been so beneficial to me, and I have been able to recommend and refer other patients to his care.


I want to thank you for all that you have done for me over the past four months. As a result of the care and treatment provided to me by you and your staff, I have gone from being on the verge of major back surgery to having a quality of life that was unknown to me for a couple of years before I began treatment with you.

As you will recall, at the time I first saw you, I had difficulty walking from my office to the county courthouse. In fact, after walking those two blocks, I would typically be nearly doubled over in pain. By comparison, the day after my very first treatment by you, I was able to walk a mile and a half around my neighborhood with only limited pain. From that first treatment, things have only gotten better.

I shudder to think about having to undergo major back surgery had I not seen you, and being exposed to the major risks related thereto. While I certainly recognize that the surgeon who prescribed the surgery did not do so without any basis, it troubles me significantly that more conservative measures, such as those you have prescribed and provided, were not attempted in an effort to relieve the symptoms and improve my condition.

Thank you again for all that you have done for me.


I first met Dr. Dowty in 1981. I had been participating in the sport of power lifting for about 12 months. I’ve now been competively lifting in power lifting meets ever since with no major injuries and I attribute a lot of this to Dr. Dowty’s skill and knowledge of kinesiology.

During the last few decades I have seen many lifters forced to retire early due to major injuries. I only wish they had the foresight to seek out assistance from Dr. Dowty.

Dr. Dowty is professional and very well respected, and I will continue to appreciate and trust the services he and his staff provide.


I came to your office using a walker and sometimes a wheelchair. You examined me and started treatment. In mid October I started walking about the house without even a cane. I do use a cane outside the house but I have all the confidence that I will even stop using the cane in a short time.

This is just a short progress report and to let you know that your treatments have really helped me.

Thank you,